Tara Johnston

SXSW 2019

SXSW 2019

CLIENT: Facebook x HOPE Campaign


Facebook’s Art Department partnered with HOPE to create a collaborative mural during SXSW. Myself and 14 other artists were hired to design murals around the theme of “art fostering empathy and community”. We teamed up with local youth groups to execute the 2,465 square foot mural facing I-35. The activation took place during Facebook Art House and the mural is supposed to remain for a minimum of 6 months as a gift to the local community.

Additionally, a few of us got to partner with an AR (augmented reality) artist to explore how our art could become a more immersive experience for the viewer. Using an app on their phone, viewers could scan a code near the artwork and see an animated version come to life.


My mural was designed to represent the importance of human connection. I believe the more you learn about someone, the more you can begin to understand them. It’s from a place of understanding that we are able to connect on a deeper level and live a more compassionate and fulfilled life. Throughout my design there are many subtle references to communication, love, connection, and compassion. The main icon imagery in my design is meant to express the idea of walking in someone else’s shoe, seeing through their eyes, and feeling with their heart. I used a primary color palette as a nod to early childhood when we learn and develop these ideas that shape us as adults.