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How much does a mural cost?

Because each project is unique, I price on a per project basis. The final cost of a custom mural depends upon a variety of factors including but not limited to:  size, complexity, location, and surface. A lot more goes into the making of a mural than people often realize.  While I work quickly on site, I don’t skip over the important steps like thorough client communication and proper research and design development to make sure you end up with a design you love.

That being said, in general, a hand painted mural with custom illustration usually falls in the range of $35 - $45/sq.ft. Pricing is quoted per square foot based on the variables mentioned above.

*Note: I do have a minimum price of $3,500 for smaller murals sized 0-100 sq.ft . If you have a budget in mind, please let me know and I’ll be happy to discuss options with you. 

How long does a mural project take?

The design phase usually takes about two weeks and most murals can be painted in 2-5 days. Of course, it may take longer depending on the complexity and size of the design and how quickly we communicate through the design process. I tend to book jobs several weeks in advance, but can sometimes accommodate rush jobs if needed. Please send an email to tarajohnston@live.com to check my current availability.

When can I get confirmed dates in your calendar?

I do not confirm calendar dates until a 50% deposit has been received.

Do you travel?

Yep! I am happy to hit the road for all of your mural needs! Just let me know where you’re located and I can send you a travel budget in addition to your project estimate.



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